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About Grade Faster

If you regularly convert fractions to percentages, Grade Faster is for you.

Grade Faster was updated on January 11, 2012 with bug fixes, localization for Italian, and an iPad version. There are some more fun features and enhancements in the works.

Though Grade Faster is geared towards teachers who grade large stacks of papers at a time and have to convert each fraction grade to a percentage before recording it into their grade book, Grade Faster can be a valuable tool for anyone who regularly converts many fractions to percentages.

Grade Faster's Main screen on an iPod Touch

The Basics

Grade Faster is really simple to use. To set the number of possible points, tap the Settings gear in the top right. When you come back to the main screen, tap the top center box to toggle your entry mode. Say your fraction is 58/64. When that top entry box is green, you'd enter 58. When it's red, you'd enter 6. Once you enter the number, simply swipe the % result to enter the next.

If you'd like, Grade Faster can also show you a status bar, the digital representation of that unfinished stack of papers dwindling. It's easily toggled on and off from the settings screen, and will reset every time you start grading a new batch of papers, so you never have to remember to reset it yourself.

Repetition Repetition Repetition

Every paper in that pile has the same number of possible points, so if they're all out of 30 points, why type in the /30 again and again and again? You don't have to with Grade Faster. Set the total number of possible points once, and go to it. To advance to the next entry, you only have to swipe your finger to clear the last result.

That means that instead of entering:
2, 7, /, 3, 0, =, [clear]
you can enter:
2, 7, [swipe].

You're going to get into a serious rhythm, and that stack of conversions will be done in no time at all.

Grade Faster was developed and tested with the help and guidance of a teacher to be the fastest and most efficient solution for converting fraction grades to percentages.

"Grade Faster has cut my grade-recording time in half. This little app has helped me to be more efficient and get the boring work done faster, so I have more time to do the things I love." -Ms. U, a middle school science teacher from Ohio.

As you're entering your fraction, the resulting percentage is big and bold, right in the middle of the screen. By the time you get to this step, I know you've been staring at scribbles and squinting at awful handwriting for a few hours now, you don't need another challenge on your eyes. Hang in there, you're almost done!


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